Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Semester of School

Well.......I haven't written on my blog for a little bit so I thought I would catch everyone up on what I am doing with my life and what I hope my future plans will be. Currently, I am attending my last semester of school and finishing up my last 6 credits. I am taking a Business Strategy class and a Project Management class, so a pretty light and easy load. I have to admit it is hard to stay focused, just remember back in high school and how excited you were to graduate from there, well college is no different, just even more scary. It is scary to think that I will have my degree and working full-time in three months building my career.
After graduation my plans are to move to Boise, Idaho to work and build my career. I am currently in the job process with EdwardJones and hope to start my career as a financial planner with them. I have my last set of interviews this month. I am excited to graduate at the end of April and hope the future will be a success.