Sunday, April 5, 2009

GRADUATION!!! and The Rest of 2009

YAY BABY!!! YAY I made it everyone. I am finally a college grad after 4 years at BYU-Idaho. I would just like to update everyone on my future plans and what I will be doing with my life now that I am entering the real world. I have to admit I am scared a little bit because I have lived in the Rexburg bubble the last 3 years, but I am also very excited. I am ready for a change that is for sure.

Starting on April 6 2009 I Will be working for EdwardJones to be trained as a financial advisor. The first 4 months of employment I will go through a training program and work to build my clientele. I plan to start and build my career in Boise, Idaho. There, I will be living with my bro, Conrad, in an apartment till the first of the year. So if you ever need a financial advisor I am your man and I pledge to do my very best.

As I look back on my college career, I can honestly say I have no regrets. I worked hard and expanded my knowledge in many areas, particularly investments and finance. The #1 thing I will miss I think are the "people." During my 4 years, I have made many friends that have had a positive impact on my life. So that means it is SHOUT OUT!!! time.

Thanks you Derek, Zack, Stephanie Johnson., Kelsey Smith., Angela Watson, Whitney Butler, Marc McAvoy, Robert Baldwin, Kevin N., Anthony Nelson, Jason V., Kristina Bingham, Alex Fiala, Avery Hendrix, Elisa Hope, Zac Engle, Aaron Dick, Jay Newman, Joseph Short, Julie Bennett, Kaylee Walker, Dara Gleed, Cory and Tara Musgrave, Tim Davis, Kit Kat (Catherine), the Morand Family, Sarah D., Kim L., Johana L., K'loni K., Nicole, Tam Tam, Anissa B., past FHE groups, and of course MY FAMILY!!!! I couldn't of done it without any of these people. Thanks for making my college experience, unforgettable. Keep in Touch!!!

I am excited to graduate and you better believe I have been counting down the days!!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Semester of School

Well.......I haven't written on my blog for a little bit so I thought I would catch everyone up on what I am doing with my life and what I hope my future plans will be. Currently, I am attending my last semester of school and finishing up my last 6 credits. I am taking a Business Strategy class and a Project Management class, so a pretty light and easy load. I have to admit it is hard to stay focused, just remember back in high school and how excited you were to graduate from there, well college is no different, just even more scary. It is scary to think that I will have my degree and working full-time in three months building my career.
After graduation my plans are to move to Boise, Idaho to work and build my career. I am currently in the job process with EdwardJones and hope to start my career as a financial planner with them. I have my last set of interviews this month. I am excited to graduate at the end of April and hope the future will be a success.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

FELIZ NAVIDADA!!!! - The Holidays are back in town...A Season for the rest of us!!!!

It's that time of the year again...the Holiday's. It's my favorite time of the year excluding the coldness and the snow. There are always a few things I look foward to every
Thanksmas" season:

1) Spending time with the family...It will be the first Christmas at home for me in 5 years. The last two years we went to Disneyland as a family for Christmas; which I loved and the two years before that I was on my mission, so I am excited to be spending time at home with the whole family. Everyone will be home, including Aaron and Kristen, and we added a new addition to the family over Thanksgiving weekend, Wyatt Morgan. Welcome to the fam bro!!!

The Family...Tower of Terror at Disneyland
2) The Food...I love Food!! I never get full around the holidays for some reason. Some of my favorite food around the holidays include: Turkey, Yams, Hickory Farms cheese balls, mashed potatos and anything that has to do with meat...excluding ham (but I will eat it)....Prime Rib for Christmas....can't wait.
3) Christmas Lights....If you really know me you know that I love Christmas lights. The last three Christmas's....I am the one that has put the Christmas lights on our house, with a little help on my dad. By the way POPS I think we still need the Santa in the Helicopter...HAHAHA. But I love just driving in my car by myself or with someone going around town looking for good Christmas lights (only have seen a couple of good houses this year). Bah humbug....I wish every house would put up lights....lets go people. LOL

4) Favorite Movies around the Holidays....
- The Grinch....Jim Carrey version

- Chritmas Vacation


- A Christmas Story....A family the 24 hour christmas eve special.

- All the old Claymation movies...I love those...You can buy them on DVD now..YES

Christmas Movies I want to see that I have not yet seen are Fred Clause and Four Christmas's....Those are on the list this year.

5) Favorite book around Christmas time----- THE POLAR EXPRESS... My mom got me into only rings for those who beleive.

6) Got to have presents in there......Giving as well as receiving.....
7) Also, around the Holiday season....I love to snowboard. Even though I am not a big fan of the cold...I don't mind the cold and snow in the mountains. There is no snow this year so that makes me kind of sad.
8) They always show the Festivas episode of Seinfeld around this time.
When it all just comes down to it.....I love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year is going to be one heck of a Christmas.....A Season for the rest of us...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama it Is. 2008 Presidential Election

Since the election has been over, many of the things I have heard from my peers is how the world is coming to an end and how many of them want to flee the country and move to countries such as Canada or Australia (Yes, lets move to countries that are more socialist because Obama is going to ruin America and turn it into a socialist government, so I need to get out). I find it humorous to read or hear these idiotic comments. Its comments like these that make me wonder how these people got into college or how they made it this far in life. WAKE UP PEOPLE and think about what you are saying. The world is not coming to an end just because McCain didn’t win the presidency.

In this blog I would like to share my feelings on the next four years and how Obama will handle his presidency. First, I believe Obama needs to pull us out of this economic crisis and this issue should be the first thing he focuses on when he becomes president. I also believe he will pull us out of the war in Iraq. My take is to keep them over there, because by pulling out we admit defeat even though we have experienced some success. These are the first two issues I believe Obama will tackle first.

After these two issues are solved Obama will then tackle some of his policies he talked about during his campaign, such as health care and energy. I don’t think he will focus on energy because we won’t see the effects for quite some time. The American people want to see results and if Obama is going for a second term as president, energy might not be the best choice because we won’t see the results. Personally, this is how I believe Obama will handle his first term as president of the United States.

One other prediction I believe will happen during the next four years is that America could experience another terrorist attack. Obama will experience a big test early in his presidency. I would like to thank PRESIDENT BUSH for keeping us safe the last 7 years (Hopefully Obama will do the same), and believe he did a fine job during his presidency in spite of some mistakes.

In closing, I would like to say congrats to President Obama on his presidency and wish him and America the best the next four years.

Ryan Lee in Risky Business

Sunday, October 26, 2008


If you know me, you know that I love energy drinks!!!! My MOM and DAD can attest to this: Before every semester they take me to Costco and buy me a 24 pack (Don't worry parents I still have 3 left). :). Most people drink energy drinks for the kick (never feel it), but I drink it for the flavor. MONSTERS are my favorite, I just love the flavor and can never get enough. My favorite flavors are the classic green (Monster Energy) and the M-80 (Oahu baby). O my gosh they are good.

The times when I have to have a monster:

1. Road Trips!!!!!! (BFC)
2. Snowboarding!!!
3. Late-night Movies!!!!
4. When I feel like drinking one!!! (At night mostly)
5. Sometimes at school!!!!

Drinking energy drinks the past two years I have heard many reasons on why they are bad for you. But after looking at the nutrition content, energy drinks are no more worse for you than having a pop, soda, or whatever you people call it. Pop actually has more sugar if you look at, who wants to drink this 5-hour energy crap. Stick to the good stuff. MONSTER BABY!!!!! UNLEASH THE BEAST!!!!!!! I DO!!!!!!!