Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama it Is. 2008 Presidential Election

Since the election has been over, many of the things I have heard from my peers is how the world is coming to an end and how many of them want to flee the country and move to countries such as Canada or Australia (Yes, lets move to countries that are more socialist because Obama is going to ruin America and turn it into a socialist government, so I need to get out). I find it humorous to read or hear these idiotic comments. Its comments like these that make me wonder how these people got into college or how they made it this far in life. WAKE UP PEOPLE and think about what you are saying. The world is not coming to an end just because McCain didn’t win the presidency.

In this blog I would like to share my feelings on the next four years and how Obama will handle his presidency. First, I believe Obama needs to pull us out of this economic crisis and this issue should be the first thing he focuses on when he becomes president. I also believe he will pull us out of the war in Iraq. My take is to keep them over there, because by pulling out we admit defeat even though we have experienced some success. These are the first two issues I believe Obama will tackle first.

After these two issues are solved Obama will then tackle some of his policies he talked about during his campaign, such as health care and energy. I don’t think he will focus on energy because we won’t see the effects for quite some time. The American people want to see results and if Obama is going for a second term as president, energy might not be the best choice because we won’t see the results. Personally, this is how I believe Obama will handle his first term as president of the United States.

One other prediction I believe will happen during the next four years is that America could experience another terrorist attack. Obama will experience a big test early in his presidency. I would like to thank PRESIDENT BUSH for keeping us safe the last 7 years (Hopefully Obama will do the same), and believe he did a fine job during his presidency in spite of some mistakes.

In closing, I would like to say congrats to President Obama on his presidency and wish him and America the best the next four years.


Catherine said...

and how. . . I agree pal.

Stephanie Johnson said...

Yayayay. I agree. Hopefully the next 4 years go goood!