Sunday, April 5, 2009

GRADUATION!!! and The Rest of 2009

YAY BABY!!! YAY I made it everyone. I am finally a college grad after 4 years at BYU-Idaho. I would just like to update everyone on my future plans and what I will be doing with my life now that I am entering the real world. I have to admit I am scared a little bit because I have lived in the Rexburg bubble the last 3 years, but I am also very excited. I am ready for a change that is for sure.

Starting on April 6 2009 I Will be working for EdwardJones to be trained as a financial advisor. The first 4 months of employment I will go through a training program and work to build my clientele. I plan to start and build my career in Boise, Idaho. There, I will be living with my bro, Conrad, in an apartment till the first of the year. So if you ever need a financial advisor I am your man and I pledge to do my very best.

As I look back on my college career, I can honestly say I have no regrets. I worked hard and expanded my knowledge in many areas, particularly investments and finance. The #1 thing I will miss I think are the "people." During my 4 years, I have made many friends that have had a positive impact on my life. So that means it is SHOUT OUT!!! time.

Thanks you Derek, Zack, Stephanie Johnson., Kelsey Smith., Angela Watson, Whitney Butler, Marc McAvoy, Robert Baldwin, Kevin N., Anthony Nelson, Jason V., Kristina Bingham, Alex Fiala, Avery Hendrix, Elisa Hope, Zac Engle, Aaron Dick, Jay Newman, Joseph Short, Julie Bennett, Kaylee Walker, Dara Gleed, Cory and Tara Musgrave, Tim Davis, Kit Kat (Catherine), the Morand Family, Sarah D., Kim L., Johana L., K'loni K., Nicole, Tam Tam, Anissa B., past FHE groups, and of course MY FAMILY!!!! I couldn't of done it without any of these people. Thanks for making my college experience, unforgettable. Keep in Touch!!!

I am excited to graduate and you better believe I have been counting down the days!!!



Stephanie Johnson said...

RYaN! I am going to miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Seriously. It's going to be weird that I just can't call you and be like hey lets do this OR even just see you randomly around!! :( I hope you come visit meeeeee this summer!! PS BOMB BUTTERSCOTCH ROLLS!

Cory n Tara said...

RY RY! Its about time you updated this act like you were some college kid busy with his last semester of school(just kidding)! Well, congratulations- it feels great doesn't it?? But it also means you are getting old at the same time!! We will have to come and visit you in your new place when we go up to Boise next! How fun! You a great person and we hope you find someone just as great!

kelsey said...

ah ryan i'm going to miss you. you are definately my most favoritE.

Becca Jones said...

Ryan! You know you want to add me to your blogger friends... :)

Darby Arby said...

dude, didn't even know you had a blog and i LITERALLY found it by pressing the "i'm feeling lucky" button on google. haha hope life's treating you well, Ryan! Keep in touch, man!