Sunday, October 26, 2008


If you know me, you know that I love energy drinks!!!! My MOM and DAD can attest to this: Before every semester they take me to Costco and buy me a 24 pack (Don't worry parents I still have 3 left). :). Most people drink energy drinks for the kick (never feel it), but I drink it for the flavor. MONSTERS are my favorite, I just love the flavor and can never get enough. My favorite flavors are the classic green (Monster Energy) and the M-80 (Oahu baby). O my gosh they are good.

The times when I have to have a monster:

1. Road Trips!!!!!! (BFC)
2. Snowboarding!!!
3. Late-night Movies!!!!
4. When I feel like drinking one!!! (At night mostly)
5. Sometimes at school!!!!

Drinking energy drinks the past two years I have heard many reasons on why they are bad for you. But after looking at the nutrition content, energy drinks are no more worse for you than having a pop, soda, or whatever you people call it. Pop actually has more sugar if you look at, who wants to drink this 5-hour energy crap. Stick to the good stuff. MONSTER BABY!!!!! UNLEASH THE BEAST!!!!!!! I DO!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Top 10: Why the rest of the 2008 will be GGRRREEEEEAAT!!!

10. I will spend my first Christmas at home in 4 years!!!!
9. College Basketball is upon us!!!
8. School has excited me about my career as a "Financial Advisor."
7. The Soup is on every single weekend (LMS)
6. 24 is starting up again Nov 24th!! Jack is Back
5. Kristen and Aaron are spending the holidays with us!!!
4. BSU Broncos WILL make another BCS game!!!!
3. Thanksgiving is going to be one crazy week!!! Get Ready
2. I will get a new brother in law!!
1. Only 1 more semester of school!!! It is about TIME


This week I had the opportunity of going to the BSU-Hawaii game. They won 27-7. It was a great game. Thanks to Mal Meservy for the hook-up.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vegas Trip

My thoughts and feelings on my younger sister Carissa getting married.....

One would think when a younger sibling gets married before an older one, the older sibling would be overcome with feelings of jealousy and resentment (Elaine being jealous of George, kind of the same thing, lol :). With me I don't have these feelings. Being at BYU-Idaho the term marriage is thrown around and mentioned a lot. Yes, I agree marriage is a good thing but I also believe their is a time and place for it. I guess you can say it is not on my top priority list at the moment. Most of my concentrations go towards pursuing my career and getting through school. I also say to myself that I am too immature to get married, but I guess so is everyone. Yes, I date and try to look but I guess I haven't yet met that special someone that I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

One would think that I do have feelings of resentment and jealousy just from writing this blog (thinking I am the one that is supposed to get married), but I don't. Yes, I am very excited for my younger sister, Carissa, who is getting married over Thanksgiving to Mr. Wyatt Morgan. WAY TO GO BRO!!!! I think she chose a keeper, lol. I couldn't pick a better brother in law. Anyways, way to go you two and may everyone LIVE EVER EVER AFTER.